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Gold mining like a pro: Get Rich in days

Gold mining is one of the most rewarding experiences that you can get involved in – it’s extremely time consuming but it can hold rewards that literally will change your life. However, there are lots of tips that you need to take into account to make sure

Gold mining equipment: 5 Essential items to make you more productive

When you are trying to piece together a list of the right gold mining equipment to take on, what should you be looking for? the options out there for things to grab and use are almost limitless as depending on your style of gold mining you might

Find scrap gold at home – Make Thousands from Scrap

With the world’s economy being completely desolate (to be polite) a lot of us are turning to new ways of bringing in extra cash. With wage cuts and redundancies commonplace at the moment, the majority of us are running around in a crazed manner trying to piece

Gold panning for beginners: The essential guide

As we all know, gold if considerably heavier than the normal dirty and gravel that you will find in streams and rivers across the globe. This is why gold panning is such a big part of the gold treasure hunting world today – with the right skill

Gold prospecting: 5 tips to maximise your profits

Gold prospecting is an incredibly enjoyable part of the adventurous world that is mining. It can take you all across the globe if you have the funds and ambition to cover it, and there are literally billions out there worldwide that has not been uncovered. If you

How to find gold in the UK

As we all know, gold is one of the few commodities on the planet that will never really lose its value. It may diminish slightly for a period but it’s never going to crash like so many other products can. In short, gold is too valuable to