When you are trying to piece together a list of the right gold mining equipment to take on, what should you be looking for? the options out there for things to grab and use are almost limitless as depending on your style of gold mining you might be taking different items along.

Likewise your budget will depend just how far you can go down the line of the list of awesome products to use, so make sure that you get everything well in place before you start buying any gold mining equipment.

Make sure you know how much you can spend, what you are going to need and where you are going to be mining to start with – this will help you get the right tools in place for your first hunt and then you can build to grow your gold mining equipment list from there.

So, if you are trying to make the definitive list of gold mining equipment that you need, why not start off with making sure that you have a;

Gold Detector

The old classic, gold detectors are an absolute must for any gold miner out there worth his salt. It’s a step up in the world of prospecting for many people, and it saves you from poking around and hoping to find something worth your time.

It lets you know that there is going to be gold where you are looking before you start firing your pan in based on blind hope.

While we always say never disregard an opportunity you have a feeling about, you should try and avoid going in blind – and a gold detector will help you stop doing that.

Prospecting Tools

This is literally just a small shovel and a gold pan – you don’t really need anything else to go out and be a prospector to be honest.

This gold mining equipment is the old-school special and many veterans still hit the gold mining hotspots they love with just this. After all, back in the day people used to find millions of dollars’ worth of gold using jus these tools, so why can’t you?


A trammel is not necessarily essential but if you are taking your prospecting dream into a more professional avenue, you might want to think about getting a trammel.

It’s designed for high-volume material sorting. Alongside your shovel this can be an extremely powerful tool which helps you sort through all the various materials you will need to deal with throughout the course of a typical hunt.

Gold Lab

Your gold lab is going to be a huge part of your arsenal, as it is any good gold miner. Once you have got your gold down to a concentrated dust-type substance, you want to keep it somewhere safe that you can look after the gold.

When you are refining something so fine and you could be getting around $2,000/ounce for it, you want to make sure that you get 100% of the product that you are working so hard to refine!