Gold prospecting is an incredibly enjoyable part of the adventurous world that is mining.

It can take you all across the globe if you have the funds and ambition to cover it, and there are literally billions out there worldwide that has not been uncovered.

If you want your life to be about gold prospecting and hunting, then you want to make sure that you have the basics down.

There are lots of little things to learn about gold prospecting, such as;

You Are Your Best Tool

No matter what you bring with you or how much you spend on your equipment, you are only as good as you will allow yourself to be.

You make the decisions of where to go and what to search, and you also make the decisions on how you are going to approach the entire day.

Make sure that you are making your own decisions, not having them made for you by others or by hardware that you bring with you.

It’s Time Consuming

Some people might find a stupidly rich and uncovered gold section with just a few hours of gold prospecting under their belts. Don’t let time become an issue for you – the main problem with gold prospecting is that people have been doing it for hundreds of years.

If it was as easy as setting foot, hitting the pavement and finding gold then we would all be millionaires. But this isn’t the case, and understanding that gold prospecting is time consuming is very important.

Good Equipment Isn’t Always Expensive

As we mentioned above, gold prospecting has gone on for centuries. Back in the day, they never had the five-figure super equipment that some use today – and neither do you.

Historical information and basic tools will be enough to supplement a good gold prospector – you only need a few details and enough of the basic tools on your checklist to actually prospect in the first place, so don’t be lulled into thinking you need to go into major debt just to get started.

Observe Facts, Not Opinion

One of the most important things that you can teach yourself as a gold prospector is that you need to get rid of “notion”, at least when it’s negative.

If you just have a bad feeling about an area, you need to convince yourself it’s worth your time checking anywhere.

If there is any kind of substance to make you think there might be something in there, get in there and check – there is no harm in trying, but there is a lot of lose for not trying.

Gold is Heavy!

One thing that a lot of prospectors might not think about is the actual weight of gold.

Its roughly six times heavier than any other material it’s going to be found alongside near streams, so this means that you are more likely to find a deposit in a stream and the path the gold takes tends to be an inside path the whole way, so make sure you check the inside path of any bends in the river first.

Gold prospecting is a lot of fun, but it’s also hard work – don’t expect it to be like the movies where three strikes has you making a fortune very quickly, just be prepared to make a career of it and you never know, it might all pay off one day for you.