As we all know, gold is one of the few commodities on the planet that will never really lose its value. It may diminish slightly for a period but it’s never going to crash like so many other products can.

In short, gold is too valuable to ever become a mediocre thing to have – and this is why there are so many people out there who want to know how to find gold.

The economic markets are not exactly stable as present, so creating a new solution that allows people to be themselves and relax is a very important environment to be within at the moment.

Are you ready to try and learn how to find gold for yourself? If so, the UK is a great place to get started…

Gold has been found across the UK as a whole for centuries. Some of the recent stories alone of gold finding exploits have been incredible. In recent years, a 12 year-old boy came across a 16th century pendant when using a metal detector his father bought him.

It sold for a cool £2.5m.

This is the type of type of sums that gold goes for if its valuable enough and rare enough.

Thankfully, the UK still has vast amounts of untouched gold left to be found for the wily hunter out there who is willing to put in the time.

But where do you start in the UK? It’s not exactly a small place, is it?

Despite the British Empire at once holding a lot of gold that it did not actually have the right to own, the UK itself was at one point awash with gold.

Due to the excess plundering of the Empire, the UK still has lots of untapped gold all across the place. There are many points where some gold has been extracted and even more awaits, if you are willing to do the digging for it.

England is obviously the best place to start, as it’s the biggest of the countries. Pembrokeshire is a good place to get started as it’s historically been one of the best places for finding gold in the UK.

Starting off near the rivers would be a good idea, as gold deposits are regularly found within that section. The Hopes Nose in Torquay is another good place to get started, with many ideal locations there to get started with.

England has lots of hot spots, but the problem is that over the years they have been etched out of society’s knowledge – many of the old-school UK miners kept their secrets to themselves.

Scotland is also a good place to start, and Dumfries is the most common place to start with. It’s quite a common gold-hunting location for UK-based gold miners, so if you want to know more about how to find gold in Dumfries you should ask around the locals – they love a good gold story.

Helmsdale is another strong location, with a lot of historical gold found here in Scotland.

The UK is one of the countries most affected by secrets going to the grave with those who found the gold – there is millions of pounds worth of gold still out there to be found, you just need to be prepared to go and do the digging for them!